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Why do kidney stones have higher chances of occurring in summers?

Did you know?

Statistics have shown that the kidney stone prevalence rate increases by 40% during summers. So, as the summertime has started, it’s time for you to be extra cautious and visit one of the best Kidney Hospital to determine all helpful ways for you to deal with this condition. Getting medical expertise at the right time is the most suitable way for you to deal with the situation effectively.


Seasonal change: Summertime increases chances of having kidney stones

Kidney stones are calcium-based, around 80%. During winters, the urine produces the right amount of calcium. But, as the calcium level rises in the urine, the chances to have kidney stones are higher. What you have to do is to be physically fit to prevent the chances of having stone development. So, don’t let the summer weather’s excruciating heat let you sit back in your home. You have to be physically fit; otherwise don’t regret it when the Urologist in Ludhiana tells you that you have kidney stones. It’s like now or never because being conscious about your health is important in all the right way.


Consult a medical expert annually to get checked for kidney stones

With the ever-increasing rate of kidney stones, you need to check the medical expert without any delay. If the stone is 2 to 3mm wide, the pain is felt in the ureter. Over time, as the kidney stone gets doubled up in size, there’s discomfort and stabbing pain, leading to vomiting and nausea.


If the kidney stone is small, it has a chance of getting passed on its own. But, you have to be sure about what is right for your condition only after consulting a medical expert.


Only after determining the size of the kidney stone are you told about the right treatment plan to address your condition. There are medication and surgery options to address the condition most effectively. Thanks to updated technology, it has made it possible to perform the treatment with utmost ease.


Did you know?

Once a person has kidney stones, the chances of having another one increase to 50% in the next five years. It’s all about being cautious about your health and making sure all the necessary suggestions of the doctor are followed.


How do you prevent kidney stones during summer?

  • Keep urine output right in all ways

Your urine output should not go down at any cost. Most importantly, it has to be pale and clear. To make the urine flow right in all ways, you have to drink enough water on a daily basis.

  • Cut down on sodium and salt intake

You need to limit your coffee intake and high sodium sports drinks. Additionally, salt and sodium intake as salt drives extra calcium into urine which is the reason for stone formation.

  • Calcium-rich food is necessary

You don’t have to completely avoid dairy products. Just make sure to have it in normal amounts so that the stones are not formed in the body.

  • Magnesium is great for cure and prevention

Before you take any kind of magnesium supplement, make sure to consult a doctor about the same as to which one and how much to take.

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