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Why do we see fluctuations in the Search Engine Optimization rankings?

Did you ever think in earlier years that the internet would become a significant part of your everyday life in the future? Or do you think it will influence the business or other activities you do nowadays? Nowadays, marketers say that if your business is not present on the internet, your business or brand does not exist. Of course! Because it’s the era of the internet, billions of individuals are active on social media platforms that love merchandise on the internet.

Even though DuckDuckGo, Bing, and Mozilla like search engines attract some traffic, Google is only a single search engine that brings 91.98% traffic as per the recent June 2022. So registering your business or brand on the internet should be your first choice if you want to survive in this competitive era. There is no doubt that you need someone to handle your online business, so why not establish your link with the best Digital Marketing Company in Sydney?

Additionally, whenever the masses talk about search engine optimization (SEO), they always take the example of google SEO. Although they may be unfamiliar with the fact that only a measly 0.78% of Google searches point to something from the next page of outputs, reaching to the number one ranked position for an appropriate keyword or search phrase. So, the sudden decline in Google ranking may scare people. Along with this, you can hire the best IT company in Ludhiana if you want to rank your business website on the top page of google to enhance more traffic.

Why do SEO rankings swing?

The primary reason behind these ranking fluctuations is Google’s two hundred ranking factors and other combinations of elements. On the contrary, prompt alterations in search rankings consist of a major algorithm update, imperative content modifications, a Google penalty, technical problems with the site, layout alterations in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs), and improvements in SEO efforts by competitors. Suppose your website does not increase its productivity as previously. In that case, The recent checklist will help to diagnose the problem and assist in getting the SEO effort on the right track and retrieving your rankings:

  • Check the data.
  • Index maintenance of your pages.
  • Identify or review rank tracker tools.
  • Your carriers return the status code.
  • Can bots crawl your site?

What do you identify first when you see a drop in rankings?

Firstly stop panicking and calm yourself down. Alterations in search engine rankings happen often. SEO marketers get out their top-performing pages from the top hundred ranked results. Even though it seems sad, the good news is that usually, there is nothing to worry about. The primary reason is the alterations in google’s algorithms that happen numerous times a day. Therefore, the rank tracking application may encounter a bug. Until you do not find any extensive modifications in your website ranking, you must think everything is going smoothly.

Moreover, this can guide you if there is any requirement to make changes to your ranking system or if you must be patient. You must wait to turn everything in the right direction that will automatically happen if you follow all the Google SEO practices and haven’t resorted to black hat SEO tactics.

If you are looking for any reputed firm that can handle your online business as per the rules and regulations of the SEO to rank it on the first page of google or to manage your business as per the rapid speed of competition, build your connection with the best IT company, Flymedia Technology.

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