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Why is Lock Rekeying the Best Affordable Option?

Securing the house is of utmost importance to every homeowner. However, most people, to enhance the overall security of their homes, try to completely change their locks while staying oblivious to the fact that there is a much better, economical way to achieve it.

Getting the locks changed is not wrong, but it is necessarily the only option at your service.

Homeowners have the choice to rekey their door locks. Rekeying is a simple process of changing the working key of a particular lock to a different key, without having to replace the lock itself. In short, only the key gets changed while the lock stays the same. Since rekeying is so simple, here are some of the benefits that make rekeying the best affordable option.

1. Increased Sense of Security

Because rekeying can provide you with an increased sense of security, and can easily reset the key control while nullifying all the other keys that may have worked, it makes this option one of the most effective and affordable ones. Most homeowners tend to practise this as soon as they move in. This prevents the previous homeowners or anyone who may have had a copy of the key from walking into a house that they no longer own. So, by rekeying the homeowners can strengthen their security, giving them a fresh beginning.

2. Cost-Effective

What makes rekeying affordable is the fact that only the main components are being changed, which are the key pins fixed within the lock cylinder. Fortunately, these key pins are relatively cheaper than purchasing a whole new lockset. Hence, rekeying becomes a highly cost-effective option for people who want to tighten their home security within their budget. The maximum you will be paying is for the locksmith services, or the amount of time you will spend trying to fix it yourself. Locksmiths in Rochester NY are the best ones so everyone residing in the U.S. must take advantage of their excellent services.

3. Fast And Easy

Another major benefit that makes rekeying the best option is its simple process (if handled by a skilled locksmith). The process of rekeying doesn’t need a variety of tools or a lot of helpers. With a basic key decoder, a catch tool, a spanner, and the current key for the lock getting rekeyed along with knowing the process, you will be done in no time. However, the condition is that you should be well aware of how to do it as it can take a longer time if you have no prior experience.


Having a strong security system is paramount and this is why homeowners need to keep in mind some of the most viable options among all. Rekeying is one the most effective solutions, one that requires very less time and money. Thus, make sure you’re not wasting your money on changing the entire lock system when rekeying can help.

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