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Why your agency should produce content with the Buyer’s Journey in mind

For agencies, producing content without a defined direction or strategy results in wasted effort and time; here’s how to do it based on a Buyer’s Journey.

 The day-to-day of an agency is based on the production of content for its clients, delivery of value and results of the strategies used. However, these steps are not always defined in a thoughtful way. Many agencies produce  Copy write content incessantly, with no defined direction or strategy.

What are the consequences of this? Effort and time wasted on content that doesn’t interest anyone. In this case, the agency is failing to make the best use of its resources (time, human, financial).

It is recommended that the production of content be defined from the creation of a persona and, mainly, the persona within a Purchase Journey . Pre-requisites of content creation are that you know the answer to questions such as “who is the agency’s client persona?”, “what persona problem does this content solve? ” and “Which customer product/service can solve this persona’s problem?”.

But what is Buyer’s Journey?

The Buying Journey is the entire path that a potential customer goes through before becoming one. These are stages that all buyers go through, most of the time without even knowing they are going through them. So, thinking more objectively about RD Station, the importance of creating the journey is so that we can map in which stage each Lead is . It is important to keep in mind that each Lead (represented by a persona ) can be at a different stage and maturity .

The Buying Journey is divided into the following phases:

Let’s think of a practical case! Let’s assume that you have a travel agency as a customer and need to study the company’s purchase journey – which wants to increase its average ticket by selling travel packages. One of the personas of this travel agency can be a mother of the family, responsible for a large part of the family budget. The mother, however, is a businesswoman, works 12 hours a day and doesn’t have much free time. Who organizes the day to day and plans the family vacation ends up being his eldest son.

In that case, who do you think would be ideal to impact ? The mother or the son? It is important that we focus a lot on the child. After all, he will be instrumental in convincing the mother to buy a travel package.

It is important that we have a clear definition of who the provider is and, above all, the purchase influencer .

So, before creating the journey, you need to:

  • persona
  • persona problem
  • Product that solves this problem

Let’s see each of the 4 steps:

Learning and Discovery

This stage covers content targeted to people who are at the beginning of the sales funnel. Those who are at this stage are not yet aware of their big problem, much less know how to solve it. Here, you will tackle minor problems and “troubles in the shoe”.

Example of the travel agency persona: the son is seeing that the mother is stressed because of the high workload. He also realizes that his family does not prioritize leisure time together and misses his mother’s union and company. He thinks that the lack of financial resources is also an impediment.


Problem Recognition

Here, we can already attack the main problem of the person. Often she doesn’t even realize what the focus of the problem is, and that’s where you stand out. When we manage to identify it, we present the problem and we already bring the solution. The idea is that when the main problem is solved, so are all the smaller ones, automatically.

Example of the persona of a travel agency: the family problem can be a simple lack of financial planning and time optimization.


Solution Consideration

OK, I understand the problem, now what’s the next step? You will bring the solution to it (of course, the solution will be something your company can solve. It’s no use giving a solution that you can’t offer). Here it is necessary for him to identify your product or service as a (good) solution for him.

Example of a travel agency persona: the solution is planning ! That is, having a plan outlined, the minor problems, such as lack of financial resources, stress and scarce time to enjoy are remedied.

And, among the solutions, the family can count on the help of a travel agency, a spreadsheet of expenses, project management software to organize their trips, among others. Among the options that the eldest son has to solve the lack of planning, the travel agency is one of them.


Buying decision

The idea is that the journey serves as a support to deconstruct objections and as a basis for decision making. In addition to serving as a support for the nurturing and maturation of these people, the journey facilitates the segmentation of the total number of people (in this case, the Leads base) from the moment you define.

Example of a travel agency persona: decision to buy a travel package at an agency. Then the eldest son realized that, among the solutions, the best option is to have the help of specialists in the subject and prefers to delegate to an agency the organization of the trip, such as buying tickets, booking a hotel, etc.

Okay, I understood what a Buying Journey is and what the steps are. But why do I need to produce content thinking about her ? Isn’t it more work that way?

Undoubtedly, it is more work. After all, you’ll be doing something you’ve never done before: producing content thinking exactly about the persona’s pain and the stage of the journey they are in. Will you be able to deliver much more result? Sure!


And now, how to put it into practice?

After creating the Purchase Journey, you should start structuring the themes and creating them, thinking about the content suggestion of each stage and trigger content.

For content management , we even have a material that helps in planning and execution.


“When sailing aimlessly, no wind is favourable.” And for content production, this expression fits perfectly. Your agency can and should continue to produce a lot of content for your clients. But your destiny must be defined and strategically mapped out.

Now that you’ve finished producing content for each stage of the Buyer’s Journey, how about understanding better how you can use this in a marketing automation flow? 

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