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Working days calculator: what is working days?

The Working Days Calculator will help you find out the number of working days in the chosen period. Thus, you know how much to consider in your calculations and avoid problems in the payment of labor and social security benefits. Know more!

Working days calculator: what is working days?

Working days are those considered for the working week. Traditionally, they are made up of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

However, any holiday that falls on these dates excludes it from the count. Therefore, working days are those when work is not suspended .

On these dates, establishments are with their normal operation. For this reason, Saturday can also be considered a business day, depending on the case.

Working days calculator: how to calculate?

To calculate working days manually, you must check the period considered and exclude all days on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

For example, in 2020, there are 366 days in total. As the year contains 52 Saturdays, 52 Sundays and 12 national holidays, the number of days actually worked is 251.

This is the count made by the working days calculator . But what you need to do is just put the start date and the end date you want to analyze.

For example, imagine that you want to know how many days you will have to work in January 2021. In this case, enter:

  • start date: 01/01/2021;
  • End date: 01/31/2021.

Then just click on “Calculate” . By doing this, you will receive the result divided as follows:

  • working days: 19;
  • calendar days: 31;
  • Saturdays: 5;
  • Sundays: 6;
  • national holidays: 1.

Workday calculator in Excel: how to do it?

If you have Excel installed on your computer, you can also use the program as a working days calculator. In that case, you should use the function:


The advantage is that it evaluates working days and disregards holidays and weekends. The function’s syntax — that is, its string of characters — is as follows:

  • start_date: is the beginning of the time interval;
  • end_date: Generally, Saturdays and Sundays are used as a reference, but you can change it as needed. In that case, use . If your company has days off on Sunday and Monday, enter . If it’s Monday and Tuesday, . And so on;
  • [holidays]: you must indicate the dates that are holidays, as this can change according to the city. In this example that we are going to present, we consider only nationals.

From there, you need to follow the steps below:

Step 1. Place five columns

They are: start date, end date, holidays (has two columns) and working days. In the part of holidays, write on one line the date and on the side, the specific day.  

Therefore, the arrangement should be as follows:

  • start date: column B;
  • end date: column D;
  • holidays: columns F and G;
  • working days: column I.

To understand the holidays part, imagine that you want to evaluate the month of January 2021. Thus, we have:

  • start date: 01/01/2021;
  • end date: 01/31/2021;
  • holidays: new year in column F and 01/01/2021 in G.
  • working days: it is left blank to show the result.
  1. Enter the formula

In the worksheet, click on column I. Choose the cell just below the one named “Working days” . It is usually the I3. 

That is, the first line is blank. The second has the name. The third is the one that is blank and will receive your click.

In this field, enter the formula:


Then press TAB to open the function. A gray space will appear to place the cells in an orderly way and ensure the correct calculation.

To do this, perform the following steps:

  • click on the start date cell, which is in column B. It will be added to the formula. Then, put a semicolon, that is, “;”;
  • click on the end date cell, which is in column D. Again, put a semicolon;
  • enter for the weekend and enter one more semicolon;
  • choose the holidays range, putting from one cell to another. For example, G3:G5, which reads: from cell G3 to G5. As in January 2021 there is only one holiday, just click on the cell where it is defined.
  • close the range and hit enter to finish.

Automatically, the result of the working days will appear in column I. Although this data is valid, it is not so simple to put this step by step into practice, right?

That’s why there are online weekday calculators . They automate counting and avoid errors due to forgetting a holiday, for example.

Calculate working days in the transport voucher: how to do it?

If more than working days, you want to calculate valid dates for the transport voucher, you must know some details.

The first is that this benefit is not considered part of the salary. Therefore, it is outside the calculations of FGTS or tax discounts.

In addition, the company can deduct up to 6% of the gross salary amount. To be clearer, imagine that the bus ticket costs R$ 3.70 per trip.

This means that, using two a day, the expense is R$ 7.40. Now, consider the salary as $2,000.

First, you need to know what 6% of $2,000 is. The calculation to be done is as follows:

BRL 2,000 x 0.06 = BRL 120

Therefore, the maximum amount to be deducted from this employee’s payroll is R$120 . The next step is to calculate the working days.

We consider the month of January 2021 again. Taking into account 19 working days and knowing that the daily expense is R$ 7.40, we have:

BRL 7.40 x 19 = BRL 140.60

Thus, the company will make the discount of R$ 120, which is the maximum. Now imagine another situation.

The employee’s salary is R$3,500. The rest of the conditions are the same. In this case, the limit to be deducted is:

BRL 3,500 x 0.06 = BRL 210

If he spends the R$ 7.40 per day, it will be less than the maximum discountable amount. What to do? The company will simply deduct R$140.60.


The working days calculator is more important than it seems. With it, you know how many dates you will actually have to work in a given period

In addition, you can also make other labor and social security calculations, such as the transport voucher.

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